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At Soul's Paradise, we want to make sure that your stay with us is as enjoyable as possible. Here are some common questions that you may have.

What is the best way to contact us?

Text Valéry: 250-201-9441

Send us an email:

Is my deposit refunded if I cancel my reservation?

You may receive a partial refund of your deposit depending on how far in advance of your reservation the cancellation request was made. Please refer to the Cancellation Policy for full details.

Is Wi-Fi (internet) available?

Wi-Fi is available near the office ($ on map) and in our fully equipped RV rental units           and Chalets.

When are the Check In and Check Out times?

For all rental sites and units, check out is by 11:00 am.                                                      

For rental sites, check in is after 2:00 pm and for rental units (RVs and Chalets) check in is after 3:00 pm.


Is any cleaning required before checking out?

Yes, for rental sites, please clean your fire pit and the site area of cigarettes, food, plastic and any other garbage or debris. If the site isn't cleaned a $10 charge is applied. For RV and Chalet rental units, please clean your dishes, the microwave, the fridge, the coffee maker and the barbecue. If not cleaned a $25/hour charge is applied.

Are visitors allowed?

Visitors/Guests that stay more than 2 hours need to buy a

Day pass/Overnight or Summer Pass

  • Check-in/check-out dates

  • Number of adults, children and pets

  • Plate licences (vehicles & boats/trailers)

* The parking pass is included in the day or summer pass. Thank you for encouraging our business. 

Am I allowed to bring my boat? Is there extra parking for the trailer & vehicle?

Yes, but we can't guarantee a spot on our Marina as we only have eight spots for boats under 18 ft when the water level is correct. You can use Kootenay Bay Launch anytime to put your boat in the water. Note that our docks are taken out of the Marina every second year in the middle of May to beginning of July due to high water.

Trailer Parking: $10/day Up to $200/6 months

Second vehicle parking: $100/6 months

Park on Pilot Bay Road for free. Between the office and the red cabin (8 spots), in the back of the Campground (2 spots), on the way down (2 spots)




Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed on the Dog Beach (see Map) without a leash if well behaved, but must be supervised by their owner. Anywhere else on the campground pets must be on a leash, and are not allowed on the Sandy Beach. Please ensure to also cleanup after your pet.

For RV and Chalet rental units, pets are only allowed in the Happy Glamper but not in any other units.

How about our hens and ducks?

Sometimes, we let our birds free range around the property, as it helps them lay more eggs, so keep your dog on a leash!
Our chickens love your leftovers (meat, veggies, rice/noodles, fruits, bread) but can't eat some stuff (avocado, chocolate, onions, not cooked potatoes and peels). 

Is recreational equipment available?

Yes, between 10 am to 7pm

  • 6 paddle boards

  • 2 large inflatable kayaks (2 adults + 1 child)

  • 2 small inflatable kayaks (2 adults)

  • 2 sit-on kayaks (1 adult + 1 child)

(includes paddles & life jackets)

What is the schedule for the shower and the coin laundry? 

The coin laundry is open 24/7, 12 months/year. 

Please help us to keep it clean and empty the dust in the dryer after use. 

The shower building does not use coins. It's open from April 15 to October 15, 24/7.

Is there septic for the beach sites? 

The bathroom for the beach sites has two toilets, a sink to wash the dishes, and no shower. Do not use the septic to dump your RV Tank. Please use the sani station located by the shower building to dump.

Do you have any games and toys available to borrow?

Yes. The volleyball balls and the badminton rackets are in the box in the upper park.

Our horseshoe game is located at the upper park beside the volleyball court. 

We have blocks and toys for toddlers in boxes in the parks. We have beach toys.

We don't charge extra fees to use our toys, but please put them away and help us organise them at the end of the day. 

We accept donations of Legos, Playmobiles, and Barbies in good condition. 

What to do in the area?

In Kootenay Bay

Enjoy our beach, and participate in our activities & events.
Join us around the campfire down the beach every Saturday evening. 

Go on the water for some Adventure

Pedal bike to the lighthouse

Hike Pilot Bay Provincial Park


  • Visit the artists & winery between Creston & Crawford Bay

  • Visit Crawford Bay artisan village 

  • Visit Nelson & Kalso


  • Go on an adventure to Slocan river raft (book in advance)

  • Go to zip line over the Kokanee Glacier (book in advance) 

  • Go to Kokanee Creek provincial park - long beach & hiking 

  • Enjoy the Ainsworth Hot Springs (book online)

  • Admire the Kokanee Springs golf (book in advance)


Food in Crawford Bay

  • New Keys in Crawford Bay (6km away): burgers, fries, fish & chips, etc. Play pool and have a drink. 

  • The Hub Pub & Eatery: Fancy dinner, good ambience

  • Rockwood Cafe (closer to Grey Creek (13km away): excellent Chinese food there. 

  • Reds Bakery: Coffee/teas, sandwiches, pastry

  • Roka Woodfire Pizza

  • Black Salt Café: Sandwiches, drinks, good stuff!

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