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Nanny / Housekeeper

We are looking for a Super Soul to help us with Layla-Fée (3 years old), the campground (housekeeping), garden & food processing. You will have a wonderful life away from the cities by the Kootenay Lake.


Layla-Fée is learning French and English. She has a lot of energy, and she is brilliant. Layla-Fée loves to feed the chickens in the morning and play in the park. She loves drawing and painting. After her afternoon nap, she goes swimming or pedal biking. You will enjoy the scenery and our regular campground clients. It's a little village where everyone shares meals, good times, conversations, and music events. You will have a golf cart to drive around the campground in the warmer months. 


We seek a kind soul with a lot of energy and love for the outdoors and the company of children. The perfect candidate loves being with children, gardening, preserving food, cooking/canning, dehydrating, making potions & teas. We have lots of projects for the campground, as we are changing it slowly for a village/community. We would love someone to stay with us in the long run to help us develop the projects (commercial kitchen, 4-seasons greenhouse, yoga, spa, boxing gym, daycare, events). The perfect candidate could live for a long time in paradise and share a simple. 


We seek an easygoing, happy, mentally stable, calm, enthusiastic, responsible, and down-to-earth lady. It could be a match if you want to eat fresh food, live in a community, help us build a village, and care for a fantastic girl. We want someone we can trust so we can all take tours to take time off between us and our employees. We can figure out a schedule so you can take time off to travel if needed. We are easygoing, kind, and honest, and we have big dreams! 


We will provide accommodation, wifi, food, and supplies. We also have a vehicle for the employees. You will be paid every two weeks.


Our last nanny was fantastic, but she is moving back to Germany.

You can talk to her, and our other employee for references. 




Driver Licence

Speak French = Bonus

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